A Project by Active 20-30 San Jose #532, Costa Rica,
Round Table of Britain and Ireland and Round Table Malta

An idea is created

In 2003, as International President of Active 20-30 International; Ruben Salas S. presents at the WOCO AGM; the World Council of Service Clubs, in Stockholm 3 projects to strengthen the relations between members of this organizations, and at the same time; helchildren in need of Costa Rica, Mexico and Nicaragua.

At the Round Table of Britain and Ireland 2004 AGM, the Active 20-30 San Jose, Costa Rica; presented to their fellow members a project for building School Rooms for the Costa Rican areas that needed this type of Assistance, Amalia Cavallo and Ruben Salas where commissioned to participate and try to promote this project.


At the WOCO in Nepal, further communication where established between the members attending this meeting from the Active 20-30 San Jose and some members of Round Table of Britain and Ireland (RTBI) Arawn Johnson and Steve Parson, particularly decided to take this project as theirs and start promoting this project among their members.  


Active 20-30 San Jose, attended the RTBI AGM in Glasgow to promote the WOCO 2005, and receive the great news, that funds where been raised through some of the clubs and their members. Particularly Steve Parsons, Arawn Johnson, where working on this. They even made a Pin to raise funds with it, and was sold at the AGM for £ 1.oo


The participants from RTBI and RT Malta, that attended the WOCO in Costa Rica on August 15 to 21, visited a school that required school rooms, to have a better idea of what the needs where of this important aid for the education of the infants.


A school located 25 kilometers from the downtown San Jose, has been selected as the first School to make their dream come true, thanks to the donations received by Round Table of Britain and Ireland, Round Table Malta, the Active 20-30 Int. San Jose, and other clubs from WOCO.

When Ruben Salas and Esteban Coronel visited this school for the first time, they found, that they needed urgently a School Room, since the one they where using was made out of Zinc Laminates and had no floor, they put an old carpet over the earth, and the walls where filled with holes.

During the rainy season ( 9 months ), the water will fill the floor and will not let them work due to the noise in the ceiling.

The Active 20-30 Int Club of San Jose, decided unanimously, to start with these first 2 school rooms with the “Education for Development” project.

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